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For some reason i cant use a prepaid card

2021.10.21 02:40 Ancient-Wonder-1791 For some reason i cant use a prepaid card

So i got a prepaid debit card with 45 dollars on it from my grandma. i wanted to use it to buy a tank, but the transaction keeps failing to go through. Does wargaming not accept prepaid cards?
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2021.10.21 02:40 th3frozenpriest Tome of the Body - Chapter 9

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The next morning was easily the most chaotic he’d had in his entire life. It started, as most mornings did, with breakfast and coffee. The innkeeper Mandra was up before her guests, cooking up a storm in her kitchen. The aroma of fried eggs and the rich black liquid drifted up the stairs, waking her patrons who all stumbled out of their rooms like the dead.
Samuel was much later to reach the taproom than the others, but there was still plenty of food. Mandra slid a plate in front of him as he sat at the bar, then supplied a steaming mug with a patient smile. Samuel attacked the coffee first, downing it in one quick motion without bothering to sweeten it. He felt his spirits lift considerably, not to mention his eyes to open properly.
Satisfied, he turned to his plate. There were two omelets on it, along with another new item he did not recognize. Cutting a piece of it off proved to be tricky, but he eventually managed it and popped it into his mouth. It tasted like a potato, he thought, but it was shredded into tiny strings and fried together. Still, it was very tasty, with just a little salt sprinkled on for added flavor.
It was hard to tell whether he preferred Seamus’ omelets or Mandra’s, because it was a very close thing. His memory of the first time he’d tried the unusual dish was still fresh in his mind, and the omelets in front of him were just as good. She used a strange green herb in it that gave it a light tangy flavor, and it didn’t take him long to clean his plate.
“Someone was hungry,” Mandra said, coming around to refill his mug. “I take it you like my cooking.”
Samuel made a small noise of agreement, his mouth still too full to speak. Swallowing the last bite, he cleared his throat. “Yes. You are a very fine cook, mistress.”
“Call me Mandra, dear,” she said, smiling warmly at him. “And thank you very much. I had a great teacher, and a woman’s got to have something to be proud of.”
“You should be very proud of this,” Samuel agreed, gesturing at the empty plate. “I’ve been on a diet of very plain food for some time, so this was a nice break.”
Her smile widened as she took the plate away. Samuel was sad to see it go, but it quickly returned, loaded with another two omelets. Mandra laughed at the eager light in his eyes and rolled her own. “I should have known at first sight that you’d have an insatiable appetite.”
Samuel paused, not sure if she were scolding him, then started on devouring the new food. He heard a few chuckles from down the other patrons. They all sat comfortably at the bar, focusing on the food, with only occasional chatter between them. One man at the far end of the bar raised a tankard in his direction and nodded.
“Mandra’s well known ‘round these parts, stranger,” he said with a grin. “She makes fine grub and a damn good brew.”
“More than one kind of brew,” Samuel replied, lifting his mug. The others chuckled again. “This is good coffee.”
He didn’t add that it wasn’t the best he’d had, not wanting to insult the mistress of the tavern. It was still top quality, he thought, stirring a few spoonfuls of sugar in. But he was still determined to visit Adarba when he got the chance or find someone who trades in the specific beans that made his favorite brew of coffee.
Distracted by the fond memory of that superior beverage, Samuel didn’t notice the stranger enter the bar, glance around, and fix his attention on himself. He was just draining the second mug when the man approached and announced his presence by clearing his throat. He was a small man, with dark blue robes chased in golden trim. It was very similar to Samuel’s robe, though it was in much better condition, and fit properly instead of hanging loosely.
“You are late, young man,” the stranger said in a crisp voice. “You were to be in the Archives an hour ago!”
Confused, Samuel turned to regard the stranger. He looked to only be a decade or so older than Samuel appeared, certainly not old enough to use the ‘young man’ description. He smiled warmly at the man, not wanting to be rude, but he made it quite plain he had no clue who he was.
“I think you have me mistaken with another person, sir,” he said kindly. “I do hope you find them, however.”
The stranger looked taken aback and wrong-footed. “My apologies. I did indeed think you were someone else. You’re clearly dressed as an Acolyte of Arcana, so I thought…”
His voice trailed off as he stared at Samuel, his eyebrows slowly drawing together in concentration. “You are a follower of Arcana, are you not?”
“In a manner of speaking,” Samuel said. “I’m certainly not an Acolyte.”
Before the other man could question him further, he fished out the silver pendant from under his robes and brought it out for inspection. The stranger leaned forward, peering at the object with obvious confusion. Then the confusion turned to suspicion, then recognition. His eyes widened, and he looked from the amulet to Samuel’s face, then back.
“But then,” he said, his words faltering slightly. He took in Samuel’s appearance one more time. “White streak through your hair, that older robe design, it must be you. But we all thought you to be dead.”
“I’ve been getting that a lot quite recently,” Samuel said pleasantly, taking another bit of omelet. “How did you recognize me?”
“Our Lord has told us much about you,” the mand said breathlessly. “I have heard the tale of how you rescued him, and that you bear his essence.”
His reason catching up with the moment, he blinked at the man. “You have spoken to Arcana?”
“Not many times,” the man said, looking ashamed. “He told us you lived on, lost to the world, and that you would one day return.”
“Mhmm,” Samuel said distractedly. He wasn’t sure if this stranger was honest, or manic. “Did Arcana mention what my name was?”
The man paused at the strange question, seeming to realize that he was getting a little too excited. Making an obvious effort to calm himself, he adjusted his robes and made a gesture of apology. “Yes, of course. I am now certain it is you, Samuel Bragg, your excellence.”
Samuel grimaced at the title. “No, that will not do.”
“What will not do?” The man asked.
“That title. My name is Samuel.”
“But that is the common title for those who are chosen Champions of the gods,” the man protested. “It is only fitting that I address you properly.”
“Tell me,” Samuel said, his voice impatient. “Excluding Arcana, who has the most authority within our Order?”
“M-,” The man began to speak, then hesitated. “Well, that is now you, I suppose.”
“Alright then,” Samuel said, trying to assume the air of authority that he thought a Champion might have. “I order you to call me Samuel. Or if you insist on formality, Master Bragg at the most.”
The man seemed uncomfortable with the idea, but he bobbed his head in recognition of the order. “Of course, Master Bragg.”
Samuel gave a wave of dismissal and returned to his breakfast. “Don’t bother me just yet. I will see you after I am finished connecting with old friends.”
The man left without another word, practically sprinting to the door in his haste to comply. Samuel stared after him for a few seconds in mild surprise, wondering why he’d been so quick to obey. Worried that perhaps he’d been too rude, he turned to face Mandra.
“Do you think I was too stern?” He asked. “I don’t want to be rude, but I’m also not interested in having someone fuss over me.”
“I think you’ll be fine,” Mandra replied, pausing in the wiping of a tankard to stare at him with interest. “So you’re the Champion of Arcana, then. That is most interesting.”
Samuel flushed, feeling the eyes of the other patrons turn to him. He didn’t necessarily hate attention, but having it focused on him in this manner was highly embarrassing. “I’ve only recently found out that I’m Champion”
“What did he mean when he said you were lost to the world?” One of the men at the bar said. “Are you some kind of mage?”
“I do have some magical talent,” Samuel said. “But if it’s the same to you, I’d rather not discuss it.”
The man seemed to accept Samuel’s rebuttal without offense, and the others followed his lead. There was an awkward silence for a few moments, but casual conversation began to fill it again, interrupted by the sound of forks scraping against plates. They finished their breakfast without much delay, then the others began to gather their belongings to set off. Samuel watched them leave with a brief gesture of farewell, then let out a long sigh.
“I suppose I should set off as well,” he said reluctantly. “I have to visit an old friend, and if I have time, look into the College.”
“Good luck on your ventures,” Mandra said, collecting his empty plate and mug. “I’ll see you back here for supper.”
Samuel smiled in spite of himself as he thought of another delicious meal to look forward to. He adjusted his travel-worn robes, taking a moment to inspect them for dirt or stains. Finding none, he made his way across the nearly deserted taproom and pushed out the door into the busy King’s Road.
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2021.10.21 02:40 Theflame467 Whats The Difference Between The 2 Skins?

I am thinking about getting the Hallow-Steve and Tricksy Bundle but i do not know the difference between the skins at all… I looked at the mask and colors so if antone knows the difference please tell me. Thanks in advance! 🐥
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2021.10.21 02:40 sherlock_ma A sad story

When Bitcoin first rose to more than $60,000 and began to fall, a friend believed that the bull market had ended, and then kept selling short Bitcoin. After Bitcoin fell to $30,000, he thought it would fall to 20,000. Next, it turns out that Bitcoin has been rising from 30,000, and it has once again created a record high. The current situation of this friend can also be imagined. Do you know if there are any friends who have been short-selling?
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have teleportation or super speed
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2021.10.21 02:40 Hour_Reaction_1302 can i get rehired within the company after quitting without a notice?

on oct 5th i quit from chipotles after a month of working in the company. since day 1 i was dealing with extreme verbal abuse and harassment from my co works and sexual harassment from 1 of the managers. prior to quitting i walked out a hr before closing due to how overwhelmed i was by the situation that day. i messaged my AP and briefly explained what’s been happening and told her that i quit. she asked for me to give her another chance and for me to come in the following day to talk about what’s going on and promised that things will change. we talked but for the next week things got a lot worst and i talked to the AP again. oct 5th was my last day i worked, i was off on the 6th and 7th and on the 8 i called off because i had a interview at another chipotles because i was trying to transfer. on the 9th i was supposed to work but i couldn’t get myself to even start getting ready for work and that’s the day that i told my GM i don’t want to work there anymore. the following week the chipotles i had tried to transfer to told me that i can’t transfer since i haven’t been with the company for 3 months and i asked the GM if i could apply instead since i had quit and they told me i wouldn’t be rehired within the company due to job abandonment.
ive been jobless for 2 weeks now, i didn’t want to leave chipotles to begin with but the situation was to much for me to handle. a week before i quit i began training on grill and i enjoyed it and i also really wanted to work at the location i tried to transfer to. i’ve been job hunting for 2 weeks but i can not find anything i’m interested in. the situation is very upsetting and stressful but i was wondering if i could still be hired at another chipotles considering the circumstances?
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2021.10.21 02:40 Codex_Eathbreaker Is this a reasonable Science build

I was thinking of doing bio ascension so () is starting [] is after modding Necroid Lithoids with (Intelligent, Natural Engineers, Traditional, and Unruly) [Erudite, Natural Engineers, Traditional, Thrifty, and Communal] second race also Lithiods with (Thrifty, Very Strong, Communal, Unruly, and Repugnant) [Thrifty, Very Strong, Communal, Conservationist, and Industrious] who would be a Chattel Slavery race with the Authoritarian and Fanatical Materialist ethics and starting two civics of Technocracy, and Master Crafters with the third Civic when I picked it being Reanimators and for Traditions I was thinking the order would be Discovery, Prosperity, Domination, Mercantile, Adaptability, Expansion, and Harmony for Ascention Perks I was thinking in order Technological Ascendancy, just wanted to know if this would be a reasonable build if I want to generate a lot of science and unity?
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2021.10.21 02:40 JesusWasATexan First time I've been able to max out one of the animated cues. Damn I played a LOT of 9 ball 😆

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2021.10.21 02:40 most_likely_not_abot Every generation for the the past umpteen years has had a “this world is shit, why bring kids into it” excuse. So what’s the REAL reason you don’t want kids?

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2021.10.21 02:40 AILYPE For years I worked my ass off

For almost 5 years I’ve worked for my company I’ve gone in early, worked late, taken on extra work. When someone left, I was given their work with no extra pay for months until it ultimately impacted my mental health so negatively I broke down at work and didn’t come in for days. I decided after that, I would just do the minimum. I got called into a meeting where my manager said for years I worked so hard and took on extra work and asked what changed. I told them that every time I worked hard and put in extra hours I was given more and more work. I told them that I was always the solution to their understaffing problem and if I die tomorrow they would have my job posted before I was even cold. They tried to say if I wanted to “move up” I would have to show I was a team player. I told them that I showed them for years and all it did was give them the opportunity to take advantage of me. They were stunned and it make me feel free to voice how I had been feeling. Taking my power back. My 9-5 is no longer a 7-7. I don’t answer my phone or emails on weekends. I say no now. Too bad it had to take me so many years to realize my worth!!
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