[Costco Wholesale] Costco: LG A1 Series OLED TV 4K UHD + $120 Costco Shop card + $100 streaming credit + 3 yrs All State plan $1199.99 [Deal Price: $1,199.99]

2021.10.21 03:25 pythonapster [Costco Wholesale] Costco: LG A1 Series OLED TV 4K UHD + $120 Costco Shop card + $100 streaming credit + 3 yrs All State plan $1199.99 [Deal Price: $1,199.99]

[Costco Wholesale] Costco: LG A1 Series OLED TV 4K UHD + $120 Costco Shop card + $100 streaming credit + 3 yrs All State plan $1199.99 [Deal Price: $1,199.99] submitted by pythonapster to ShoppingDealsOnline [link] [comments]

2021.10.21 03:25 niuz-bot Ciolacu: Îmi menţin părerea că România nu intră într-o zonă de stabilitate cu un guvern minoritar - [Politica]

Preşedintele PSD, Marcel Ciolacu, a reiterat joi că România nu intră într-o zonă de stabilitate cu un guvern minoritar.
"Îmi menţin părerea că România nu intră într-o zonă de stabilitate cu un guvern minoritar. Mai ales cu ce avem de-a face în acest moment. Ştiţi că într-o ...
Citeste in continuare: https://www.agerpres.ro/politica/2021/10/21/ciolacu-imi-mentin-parerea-ca-romania-nu-intra-intr-o-zona-de-stabilitate-cu-un-guvern-minoritar--800312
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2021.10.21 03:25 Burnedout2377 Back to this after a 6 month internship - 10 interviews for one role

You cannot be serious.. I’m f24, it’s for an entry level position at a bank.
It began with an HR screening call, 3 more rounds of meeting 9 representatives from the team.
2 interviewers back to back, followed by 3 more back to back, then the last 4.
Each interview was half an hour, meaning I’ve spend 5 hours interviewing and many more prepping.
I remembered this process was incredibly difficult but for god’s sake make it stop I honestly can’t take it anymore…
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2021.10.21 03:25 harverdStud88 how is everyone's self esteem?

i mean how do you manage your self esteem. especially when it comes to relationships? when do you think its okey to apologize just keep the relationship ship alive. ? how do you know when to take of those rose colored glasses and cut the cord or keep a relationship that is hanging on by a thread?
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2021.10.21 03:25 Detoxer NeoHub finally on AppStore!

After battling with iOS app reviewers it finally go submitted to the AppStore. The iOS app is still not 100% aligned with the Android app feature-wise, but I'm working on it :)
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2021.10.21 03:25 Cultural_nel328 Found this Treasure off the Coast

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2021.10.21 03:25 human2rainbow College man its rough

I have tried everything to make friends. Im in like 172938 clubs, have 3 on campus jobs, go to so many events, talk to and meet new people every day and i just cant. Make. Friends. Im like kinda friends with these two ppl in one of my classes but i only ever talk to them in class and sit with them if i see them in the dining hall but they always talk about things theyre doing with eachother or their other friends and im never invited. Ugh its just always been like this. Ive put myself out there and did all sorts of clubs and activities all throughout my life and i never made a singular friend. All my life from as young as i can remember i would hope and pray and wish for a friend. Maybe some little girl will move next door that i can be friends with. Maybe ill meet someone in one of my new classes and we’ll become beat friends. Maybe there will be a new kid in the class and i can become their friend. Maybe the person i meet in this club will want to be my friend. Its always been like that. That who ever the next person i meet will like me enough to be my friend but its never happened. And wether it’s because im neuro divergent and don’t understand social queues well or i just am v awkward when it comes to conversing or my likes are so different from others or maybe im just actually a terrible person. Im just so tired of being lonely all the time hoping against all hope that i’ll be able to make one actually friend who will stick around beyond the one class we had together or whatever
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2021.10.21 03:25 DefeatedMatador Anyone’s IBS-C causing pressure under left rib?

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2021.10.21 03:25 imogenfire Inazuma Walking Street

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2021.10.21 03:25 SonkyJ Impulse VS Hellboy! Who Would Win - Let AI decide on AI.Decider

Hellboy or Impulse, what do you think? Statistics - Impulse vs Hellboy
Round 1: Impulse threatening a triangle. Hellboy counters with a heel hook and Impulse blatantly uses the cage to stand. Leg kick and left hook. Impulse lands a heavy left cross that backs Hellboy off.
Round 2: Hellboy is essentially just holding on and Impulse is doing really good work from bottom. Impulse is landing strikes but is struggling to advance Hellboy recovers full guard, but Impulse can’t do much else of the back at this stage. Impulse comes up short with a right hand but nails Hellboy with a leg kick. Hellboy eyes a leg.
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2021.10.21 03:25 hemployee Employee discount for online only items

When they gonna make this an option?
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2021.10.21 03:25 hammockhero Food containers which can be nested and are microwave-safe, freezer-safe, BPA-free and airtight

Hi. What are the best meal-prep containers that meet the following criteria?

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2021.10.21 03:25 devilish_xx Matpat Headcannon

Petition to make Matpat the one guy stalking the leaders of L’manberg ( Niki, Wilbur, Tommy, Tubbo, Fundy, Jack, Eret, etc) during the start of L’manberg to make a theory on how they are blood sucking vampires who are here to destroy the world or some crazy theory like that
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2021.10.21 03:25 artoria_unique When we will see Tsumiki in the New Arc?

When do you guys think Tsumiki will make an official appearance in the New Arc?.
I get that Gege wants to build up the hype or suspense to her debut but don't you guys think that it's a bit slow? I don't have any problem with Gege's writing, It's just that I'm kinda used to the fact-paced mini-arcs we had before the culling game, Zenin Massacre & Hakari Introduction.
I think that It's OK to show Tsumiki's Backstory on how she was "cursed" or marked by Kenjaku, with that we can get a clear picture of her state when she woke up and how she change after she became "cursed", and maybe we can get a hint on her supposed Cursed Technique.
But with the story's pacing, there's no problem with it, I get that the Culling Game is one of the Important arcs in the story so Gege will want to have a slow-paced but well-written arc, we all want that we don't want it to be rushed.
What do you guys think? Do you guys want to see Tsumiki in the Manga now & fight some sorcerers alongside Megumi & Co.?
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2021.10.21 03:25 digicat PurpleFox Adds New Backdoor That Uses WebSockets

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2021.10.21 03:24 Powerful_Strategy498 🌎 SLAM Token - New Launched! 🚀 Dividend payouts every two weeks!

UPDATE - Three early investor whales have sold their positions creating a massive buying opportunity, all the existing and upcoming fundamentals of the project are unchanged and the development team is working harder than ever.
Limited offer - All buys over 250M Slam can avoid the usual 10% tokenomics tax. To take advantage of this discount please refer to the instructions on the website:
New Website LAUNCHED! 🚀
Slam Token is pleased to announce the release of their new website.
The website outlines the project roadmap, whitepaper, and development team, but perhaps the most unique feature is the live Dividends Tracker.
Slam Token investors share the profits from the revenue generated by all current and upcoming products in the Slam ecosystem. In a few short months, they’ve already made a $2.7M USD profit and paid Slam Token investors over $346,000 USD in dividends!
Check the first page on the website to see the live tally counting how much you will receive. The last month's payouts have seen all holders above 100M Slam receive approx 0.03 BNB + 550,000 Slam (per 100M held):
You can check the dividends here:
The majority of revenue to date has been generated from Slam Token’s first product release, Slam Crash:
The rate of growth on Slam Crash is insane, current player numbers in the last 2 weeks are up another 12% and SLAM will be targeting ETH players next, a whole new world is about to open for Slam and the profits will follow.
Who said there’s no utility in BSC projects?!
Slam Token has been growing steady for 6 months now, so far they’ve already released some highly profitable applications including….
🎰 Slam Crash - A multiplier game where players can gamble their tokens and win big
♠️ Slam Royale - Crypto Poker
💎 Slam Vegas - Full Crypto Casino with over 100 games (currently in beta awaiting international license approval)
🏷️ Contract Address: 0xd90cfbdd9292dc25aefc85b16824bb7da31040b1
🍰 Pancakeswap:https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xd90cfbdd9292dc25aefc85b16824bb7da31040b1
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xd90cfbdd9292dc25aefc85b16824bb7da31040b1#readContract
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2021.10.21 03:24 WorthyByrd Leaving abusive relationship, need advice and support.

Just moved in with my partner, her house, away from everyone I know. I've realized it's a mistake and I need to get out ASAP. It's an abusive relationship and I need to go.
The safest option is to just pack up my stuff and leave without her knowing. I'm scared shitless but I know this is the right thing to do.
Looking for any similar stories of escaping like this, how to stay away and go no contact after, and just anything that'll help me, thanks in advance friends. I'm rooting for us all to get through our tough break ups. You're not alone.
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2021.10.21 03:24 cnm2022 I (24M) wish I could get a girlfriend for the first time in my life. I just want it to happen for once

I’ve never had a girlfriend. Someone please help. I need one. 24 years of being single is long enough. Watching everyone else get into relationships with ease and with no effort at all literally every day makes it even more painful.
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2021.10.21 03:24 lotmethinkforAminute What's the least/most toxic community?

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2021.10.21 03:24 Dionicio3 390E not booting from DVD drive

Hi, I have a ThinkPad 390E with a floppy + DVD ROM drive. It is able to boot from floppy, but not DVD. I updated to what I think is the latest BIOS (R01_C9), but still no luck. Windows 98 does recognize the DVD drive and I can read from it. I tried with both bootable CDs and DVDs that I burned (as I have nothing else to try). Any help to get this machine booting from the DVD drive is greatly appreciated.
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2021.10.21 03:24 magius53 ITAP dream catchers

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2021.10.21 03:24 bardzi Taskforce calls for tighter review process for employment pass, and for unemployment benefits for PMEs

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2021.10.21 03:24 iam_ttl Pig kidney works in human patient in 'potential miracle' | New Straits Times

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2021.10.21 03:24 EnvironmentalTrick50 Applying next cycle: do I have a good chance, and which schools do I have a decent shot at?

Hi everyone! I'm in 3rd year at UWO right now, but I've already written the MCAT.
Here's the stats:

extracurriculars are really terrible, but I'm working on it. I want to focus on research, and I've volunteered for 2 months last summer at a lab, as well I'm currently employed in work study at the same lab. I'm also planning on taking a year between 3rd and 4th to do an internship. The only other notable thing is that I've applied and received a small project grant where me and several other students wrote a little booklet on COVID.
I've struggled with mental health for the past decade of my life (I'm 20 lol so needless to say that has been an overwhelming influence). I'm just beginning to tackle the long journey to getting better. I was very unsocial -- still is -- but I'm trying my best to improve. So I think I still have time to get out more, and do more extracurriculars? (or is it a little too late now D:)
So what are my chances?
I'm also planning to re-take the MCAT, mainly because I didn't study well. I think I can do better, and I want to give it my best shot. But how IS my MCAT score? I think I have an unbalanced idea of what's supposed to be good vs passable, my friends are all 520+ scorers and one of them even got 132 on CARS and so that's all I have for context.
Thanks in advance for your help!
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2021.10.21 03:24 PretentiousPygmy Ooooh I did it! Quite possibly the worst investment I've made in this game but I finally got it! Had to share.

Ooooh I did it! Quite possibly the worst investment I've made in this game but I finally got it! Had to share. submitted by PretentiousPygmy to JunesJourney [link] [comments]