Shotgun Boy - Ep. 33

2021.10.21 03:07 alexaclova Shotgun Boy - Ep. 33

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2021.10.21 03:07 brntlumber eret in a corset my beloved ( original posted to twitter @brntlumber :D )

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2021.10.21 03:07 saurin212 Cobie Smulders vs Kat Dennings

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2021.10.21 03:07 A-36-Inch-Gorilla-Dk Cursed_fisting

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2021.10.21 03:07 tight_actuality Nicole Dobrikov Sexy nude show her perfect ass so hot video !!!

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2021.10.21 03:07 twistdemup I need some advice!

Recent MBA graduate. Just finished wrapping up a 6 month internship in investment banking at a boutique firm. I currently have two offers on the table. Offer from MAJOR CPG company (think UnileveP&G/etc) as a Senior Finance Manager. $1xx,xxx salary offer with 12k signing bonus and a VERY chunky relocation bonus (down payment on a house). The other offer is from a national television broadcast group as a Corporate Development Analyst - $9x,xxx salary and $10k bonus.
I enjoyed my time in investment banking and working on sell-side M&A transactions…I would be focusing on acquisitions at the broadcast company. I just can’t decide which would be better fit for me at this age (34). The CPG company would certainly offer more stability at this age, and I wouldn’t be starting at the bottom as I would in the corp dev role (analyst level vs Senior Manager with the CPG company). Ideally my goal was to eventually make it to PE, and I know the corp dev role would probably help with that. However, I’m not sure if climbing that ladder can be slugged out at this age. I’d really like some advice. Thanks in advance guys!
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2021.10.21 03:07 PoodingIce хочу ванну

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2021.10.21 03:07 Ch00se4Us3rname What am I [17m] supposed to call my girlfriend [16f]’s grandparents?

I would go Mr. and Ms. (last name) but that’s what I call her parents. I’ve heard I’m supposed to call them whatever she calls them but I’m not part of the family and I don’t think I should go straight to meemaw and poppop (or whatever she calls them idk lol) for the first time meeting them because it seems kinda weird in my head. I was just going to call them whatever they introduced themselves to me as but then I realized they might introduce themselves to me as their first names and I’m not calling them by their first names, that’s way too informal. Thanks!
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2021.10.21 03:07 Ourballz Subaru Forester XT

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2021.10.21 03:07 chocho66 Lamborghini Centenario at Cars N Copters

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2021.10.21 03:07 TheExileTargaryen The Earth is flat, for example; SpaceX & NASA are modern day Tower of Babel

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2021.10.21 03:07 snap-erection This is probably what Super Mario will sound like in the new movie

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2021.10.21 03:07 yaqimothman Lost about 150k on bruno and kdb combine in the last 5 days

No point of selling now right? How much have you lost on players?
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2021.10.21 03:07 GodPutMeAtTheEndOfIt how to see Exerted attacks from Warcry's in PoB?

I'm trying to calculate the extra damage from Rallying Cry, but the tooltip doesn't update
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2021.10.21 03:07 Wolfpack4962 Text to speech keyboard?

I am learning Russian in my off time and I installed the Russian keyboard through settings so I can practice with it. Now I'm just wondering if there is a way to get text to speech on the keys that im typing just to speed up my learning process. So for example if I hit the "Д" I would hear the sound "d".
If thats possible that would be amazing, even better if I could set it to only do it for the Russian keyboard but thats a bonus.
Thanks in advance.
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2021.10.21 03:07 NaveedOP Plan B: Kalpit Veerwal.

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2021.10.21 03:07 ShineFor_Ryu Gyratina Raid on me Right Now (First10)

Should be online status, Good luck y'all from Seoul
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2021.10.21 03:07 shrubb3d For my fellow dommes, why?

What do you like about being a domme?
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2021.10.21 03:07 pp_propster My Avengers tower moc!! took many hours of looking through reference images and trial and error but I finally finished it!

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2021.10.21 03:07 LuminatiHD Was dr Tom Schgott am tue? 😳

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2021.10.21 03:07 opheliasmoonlight What to expect?

Hey guys. I woke up two days ago (10/18/2021) with almost no hearing in my right ear. No history of issues, literally came out of nowhere. I went to an urgent care today and they suspected Menieres, but obviously cannot confirm or diagnose. They referred me to an ENT so I’m just waiting for them to call.
I’m curious as to what expect for my first appointment, what kinds of questions should I be asking, and generally just what is going to happen. I know there’s like a million different audio tests they do, but just a general overview.
I’ve already had a hard time coping with my sudden deafness, and it’s only been two days. Im only 24. I’m terrified of my good ear being affected and/or never regaining my full hearing. I know this isn’t the end of the world but this is the first serious health problem I’ve ever had, and I’m really thrown for a loop. I’ve learned so much valuable information from this group already, so thank you in advance for your help!
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2021.10.21 03:07 fakeusername0223 New Surface Laptop 3 printer issues

So to preface this, nothing is wrong with my printer. My printer is wireless, all my devices are working with it as normal. However my new SL3 is not. It says my printer is in an error mode. Is there a specific way I need to connect to my printer with this laptop? I'm not super tech savvy so sorry if this is a dumb question.
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2021.10.21 03:07 KnowNowGoLater A beautiful place to find this abandoned old ride.

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2021.10.21 03:07 This-guy-is-a-pilot 21M bored and wanting to chat with peoples

Hello Reddit. I’m a male from the United States looking to talk with people about literally anything. I find people interesting and enjoy fining out about their hobbies and learning more.
Covid had made it so hard to meet new people so I’m bored and slightly lonely
Stories from life are always fun, I have my fair share.
Anyway. HMU
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2021.10.21 03:07 truethug I know there’s some new kids.

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