A bit confused by neopronouns and xenogenders

2021.10.21 02:33 throwaway127490 A bit confused by neopronouns and xenogenders

I am around the age of people who most commonly use these pronouns/identity’s but unfortunately I cannot wrap my head around them. I’ve asked several online friends but all of them are also confused as hell so wooooo- I’ve only met one person irl who uses neopronouns and they are a bit younger than me and I was extremely confused. I just used he or they as that was also on their list of pronouns because I still don’t completely understand. I don’t want to not understand when I meet another person who uses neopronouns or if I ever meet someone who uses xenogenders..
Does anyone have a good explanation of what they are so I can completely understand them?
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2021.10.21 02:33 pizzeriaserialkiller talking about the vanny and vanessa aren’t the same person via the merchandise argument.

an argument against vanny and vanessa being the same character i see thrown around a lot has to a lot to do with the merchandise
the statue
security breach poster
people act as if this totally hasn’t happened before with characters.
i just wish there’d be some other explanation, like stylizing or something like that… or a similar concept that did the same thing with the same character appearing in two different spots to convey a message
iron man 2 poster
dr. jekyll and mr. hyde poster
the ucn roster
the thank you image from 2015
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2021.10.21 02:33 MythUnleashed Manananggal | The Self Segmenting Demon

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2021.10.21 02:33 12l1l13 Bored its 6am and i just woke up from a fightb nightmare dms?

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2021.10.21 02:33 lifestylefurniture Food Truck Update on Shaw/Blackstone - Thank you Fresno Reddit

Hi All,
Thank you for being super helpful and kind. We were able to meet with Bill and his lovely family to bring Clash Coffee, Boba, & Lemonade permanently to Blackstone & Shaw.
They're serving their own custom house coffee, 100% housemade lemonade with fresh fruits, and amazing fresh boba. No artificial flavors or syrup in any drink.
We're still looking for a food truck and we're building out a nice outdoor dining area =). Will keep you posted and thank you again community =)
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2021.10.21 02:33 iamsinghpranjal what is the most epic moment for you in the entire series

For me it's the part where Dalinar trades his shardblade for the bridgemen . there has been greater moments since , but this one still gives me goosebumps .
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2021.10.21 02:33 snektails16 Yasss saar Endia Joos numba wan 🇮🇳🇮🇱

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2021.10.21 02:33 InstructionLimp8146 How do i get rid of these? Please help

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2021.10.21 02:33 2008kirbster It do be like that.

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2021.10.21 02:33 Frappgirl Collage master board cut apart #ephemera #junkjournal #collage

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2021.10.21 02:33 Beersandloudbooms I’m a Taco owner but….

I came here to say that I rented a 2021 4Runner the past 7 days while traveling through Montana this past week. What an absolute Fucking beast of a vehicle. Got me through a snow storm in west Yellowstone, icy road conditions and some gnarly off the beaten path trails up by glacier nat’l park. Seriously. Hours of driving and this goddamn vehicle is a champ. Way more comfortable than my Tacoma also. Just had to tell you all- and I’m also now looking at making it a second vehicle in this household. Y’all are doing gods work. Keep up the good work. That is all.
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2021.10.21 02:33 CerebralGladiator Trump to launch new social media platform TRUTH Social

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2021.10.21 02:33 bot_neen Multas hasta por medio millón de pesos

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2021.10.21 02:33 trent1055 Is anyone else disappointed in the S11 battle pass?

Everyone was excited for beach/island themed battle pass, but instead we’re getting the mad max treatment. Nothing tropical themed, more like something straight out of the water world movie, post apocalyptic. Really mediocre skins as usual. The tier 100 prowler looks like a bunch of pvc pipes glued together. Nothing I see stands out.
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2021.10.21 02:33 appzly Is dryden loud

Im living in dryden next year and am worried about it being loud. I'm a light sleeper who goes to bed early...
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2021.10.21 02:33 redtailplays101 Reunion and Turnabout has a MAJOR flaw! [Spoilers for Justice for All, Case 2]

Franziska may think she's so perfect, but she overlooked the most crucial piece of evidence she could have used to say Maya was still guilty - her fingerprints all over the murder weapons! We never address why both the fruit knife and the gun are covered in Maya's fingerprints, and not Ini's, or rather Mimi's. The knife I can see Maya having her prints on without killing, as the knife belongs to the Feys, but not the gun! Maya had never handled the gun as far as we know. So sorry, Franziska, but you're the worst "prodigy" I've ever seen! You could have easily casted doubt on Wright's story, which had no solid proof that Mimi actually did kill Dr. Grey. You had solid proof and you let the judge declare a Not Guilty verdict. Only a truly foolish fool would so foolishly let something like that happen!
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2021.10.21 02:33 gleefullystruckbycc Just discover this sub and apparently I do indeed have a SIC, or at least half SIC as the vet tells me she's prob half Bengal. Half still counts right?

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2021.10.21 02:33 eliwuwu i hate life

i was given the choice this halloween to hangout with my friend or sister and i decided i would rather hangout with my sister and then my sister and mom said that im too "clingy" to my sister and then i said wanting to trick or treat with my sister doesnt make me clingy and then they wouldnt stop bugging me about it and i had a mental breakdown during dinner then my mom said i needed a counselor or a therapist. im so done
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2021.10.21 02:33 Ok-Investigator-3133 One of my favourite places on my island! Check out the video to see the whole boardwalk fair ~

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2021.10.21 02:33 AcanthocephalaNo618 When shadow is not ready to leave his enemy even if it is far away.

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2021.10.21 02:33 unwanted-22 I made a new friend and I can’t figure her out

I’m usually good at figuring out if someone cares about me by just observing their behavior. I made a friend about 2 months ago after knowing her for some time we’re both 32 F. She never initiated text conversations or planned our next hang out I’m always the one initiating. However she always replies to my texts and never made excuses about going out and we have a great time together and one time i noticed she made a lot of effort to come meet with me. I’m getting mixed messages, she doesn’t initiate contact but when we go out she makes effort for me.
Could it be that she’s just too nice and doesn’t like to disappoint anyone, or does it seem like she actually care about me? Your thoughts?
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2021.10.21 02:33 comb0s Doing AT fluid 3x flush, wondering how many quarts of ATF DW1 I should buy?

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2021.10.21 02:33 Academic_Message8421 Security tags removal from clothes easy way

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2021.10.21 02:33 bigbung69 Toontown Is For Adults

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