My nightmare. | Question about how should I proceed?

2022.01.29 10:40 KenNarimatsu My nightmare. | Question about how should I proceed?

Hi! Am here to ask a question about my teeth gaps due to poor dental care and proper knowledge of how you should take care in my country which is the Philippines I've neglected my teeth and my perents did aswell. Now I've gotten my 5 teeth extracted (And I had previous tooth extraction few years ago) Now my teeth has gaps due to my previous teeth extractions. Should I get dental implants? And what kind of tooth realignment should I get?
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2022.01.29 10:40 PM_ME_UR_GALLOWB00BS Looking for a good software desktop widgets for windows 10

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2022.01.29 10:40 LawrenceOnKeyboard Landing Sequence Initiated 🛬

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2022.01.29 10:40 GreekKnight3 Good luck with that

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2022.01.29 10:40 Kludermor How can I get full access between my own PC and laptop on home network?

I got a PC and a laptop both running Win10.
I wan't full access between the two for file sharing. File sharing and network registration is turned on on both.
But when I try to access the PC from the laptop under the network folder, it ask for a password for the account on the PC. I don't use a password to log in the my PC and the regular hotmail account I use is not the correct password to give access either.
The laptop is not discoverable from the PC at all.
How do I get full access?
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2022.01.29 10:40 Lauger Should I purify him or keep the shadow form?

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2022.01.29 10:40 OneTransportation4 Does anyone know what these two postal vehicles are used for?

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2022.01.29 10:40 seid_fielsniad Time Tunnel?

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2022.01.29 10:40 bryandfg is a first 3.0 third-person user-controlled NFT Game Presale in 2 HOURS - Stake and earn upto 1500% APY - CERTIK/SOLIDPROOF - SC/HC 750/1400

Introducing the $CLASS Token Presale!
Cyberclassic concluded its private token sale to well-known crypto Investors and venture capitalists which is 5% of total supply and token will be vesting for 4 month time. Token price in private sale as following:
1 BNB = 22575 CLASS Tokens
Total 232 BNB raised in private sale.

Private sale was close @ 26 Jan 16:00 UTC 2022. Raised funds securely.

The Cyberclass team has scheduled the presale of its native BEP-20 token, $CLASS, for Jan 29th, 2022, at 15:00 UTC. The presale will have a soft cap of 750 BNB and a hard cap of 1400 BNB. Join presale here: Pinksale
(Buyers can choose to purchase : (0.3 BNB – 8 BNB)

Official Contract:

36% Unlocked tokens reserved for staking reward in staking contract (Staking pool will start once presale is over)

Audit done by Certik: Audit Report
Holders of CLASS tokens will soon be able to use the token right after presale to stake and earn APY of 1500% on staking platform

Cyberclassic Tokenomics
➔Staking: 36%
➔Presale: 30%
➔Liquidity: 16.5%
➔Private seed funds: 5%
➔Treasury: 3%
➔Marketing/Airdrop: 3%
➔Team/Advisory: 2%
➔ILO Fee: 2%
➔Contingency: 1.5%
➔Ecosystem: 1%

About Cyberclassic NFTs
Cyberclassic is a first 3.0 third-person and user-controlled NFT game based on Blockchain. An NFT game that allows players to buy, own, train, and play their Cyborgs in different battles and tournaments to earn and win. It provides a wide variety of cyborg characters on its platform, that too, in the form of collectible non-fungible tokens. These cyborg NFTs are a view of the future, a future of genome engineering, AI, machine learning and robotics. These collectible NFTs are a sneak peek into our advanced research and development.

For more information, visit or Read Whitepaper

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2022.01.29 10:40 ProcedureAgreeable78 Verkaufe die krasseste drop box mit 1000 deutschen Videos bei Interesse dm kein traden

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2022.01.29 10:40 kevinowdziej F

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2022.01.29 10:40 AryamanShetty Stnning Bald Eagle

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2022.01.29 10:40 Otherwise-Coyote-925 What made you mature enough to stop comparing martial arts?

I am guilty as well.
I was also in the loop of saying likes
"ah in fighting grappling > striking, but in street you dont wanna grapple because then you cant run or you can get stabbed"
"muay thai/kickboxing is more athletic than kung fu"
Seriously i was immature (well i was 18-22 years old back then) but now i am aging (and starting again martials next month...YEEEEEI! ) I SEE the whole picture.
Here is my truth.
1 All martial arts have limitation vs real life. No martial art on each own is effective. Its the skills that you train that can help you, not the whole fighting style.
2 In real life is better to run 10/10 . Even if you win you can get sued or having the guilt if you harm the other person.
3 Really it doesnt matter which art promotes competition more. Again, the system matters way less than others things, like teacher (if an art is less competitive but has a better teacher it will help you more).
4 More importantly regardless of the rules of each art, or the teacher the most significant factor is YOU. As in everything in life, you receive the effort you put. If you practice consistently and take care of yourself you will get the optimal PERSONAL results, regardless of system you pick.
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2022.01.29 10:40 Nemesis081102 What cliches do you think the show handled pretty well ?

(No manga spoilers please) Its very interesting to see how Attack on titan broke many cliches and actually used those cliched moments to progress more into the story and then explaining them later on . A few in my mind : 1. Reiner miraculously escaping from Female Titan's grasp 2. They caught Annie very quickly 3. They even caught Reiner and Burrito immediately after Annie got caught 4. Reiner actually confessing that he is the Armored titan when people thought it was going to be a grand reveal 5. Eren actually winning the first fight between him and Reiner 6. Intelligent characters asking the right questions And etc (i can't recall right now so please comment if you know more of these situations)
I'm really excited to discuss this with you guys 😊
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2022.01.29 10:40 jubman12 What attunement is the best for medium weapon

What attunement is the best for medium weapon
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2022.01.29 10:40 Schizotypal_Schizoid Repost: De beste stuurlui staan aan wal.

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2022.01.29 10:40 Initial_Diamond_1923 Where to get life instructions?

Let me start off by saying, I don’t even really know what I’m asking for. But I do know that generally when I share things I want to do with people in my life (and my struggle to find motivation to start/complete things) I usually get responses that tell me I’m weird or a polite avoidance.
Like for people who had big goals in life, do they have friends who are really supportive? Friends who are as excited about the outcomes as you are? I wish I had that. If there was someone other than me talking about progress maybe progress wouldn’t seem so far off.
Life coached, therapists, friends… they also never tell you what to do. They listen and guide but rarely are they like “you want to get from A to B? Here is a 27 step plan to do just that. Let me know when you are done.”
Is there any means to get this 27 step plan? I understand it would be at the discretion of the person making the plan and maybe not all plans will fit me or be similar even. But if someone could literally narrate the next twenty ish years of my life based on conversations they have with me about my wants and issues… I mean… that would just be the bees knees.
Where could I find such a person willing to do such a thing?
Apologies for this being… super weird.
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2022.01.29 10:40 cjInNaples Buy Cannabis stocks now, get rich later

The following $multi-billion profitable stocks are ranked as Strong Buys, each exhibiting and projected to sustain 50-100% growth with a reasonable P/E ratio. Still federally illegal US multistate operators, they cannot be listed on US exchanges such as NYSE, Nasdaq, ...
Stock Current Price Projected Price Market Cap P/E
tcnnf $18.64 -> $66.55 $3.5B 26
gitbf $17.05 -> $47.60 $3.9B 50
vrnof $10.32 -> $45.50 $2.1B 18

Further, these companies have and will continue to be successful without Federal intervention, according to one CEO. These numbers can be confirmed on Morningstar, TipRanks, Yahoo Finance, ...
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2022.01.29 10:40 bigmammoth2310 Buterin to Use Returned $100M From SHIB Donation for COVID Projects Worldwide. This guy is a real gem 🙏🏻

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2022.01.29 10:40 GenienceAlien Free (US Promotion) Codes for my audible Obsolescne (I am author Gary Starta). Just request code in comments. Obsolescence is a unique story that contains not only humans and aliens, but those who are trying to play God. A very well-written story, and I enjoyed it.

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2022.01.29 10:40 niceshit420 New Notification System is annoying

So if im correct on Android 12 there are now 3 notification sectors. 1. Conversations 2. Important 3. Other But this is rlly messed up. If I receive Whatsapp messages they are shown as conversations but the settings like popup or show on lockscreen are disabled, even if they are enabled in whatsapp and in system settings. Then I go into the conversation settings and enable them but still some of them dont show up on the lockscreen and still say "silent notification" even if they have "default" ring settings
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2022.01.29 10:40 nzed34 WTT grief 36/344 in phaseblade for ohm+gul

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2022.01.29 10:40 Interestingbruh A CLASSic!!!! HeEEEEE thought you might like (this one) this one!

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2022.01.29 10:40 AccordingRome Kaia Gerber

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2022.01.29 10:40 TheMysticNamedAmy Big Eyes

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