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what song perfectly encapsulates how you feel?

2022.01.29 09:38 faeriedemon what song perfectly encapsulates how you feel?

either in general or today
personally today is a "where i end and you begin" by radiohead kinda day mixed with a little "get gone" by fiona apple
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2022.01.29 09:38 Caldwell-luc Regice- will take as many as I can fit!

3521 7223 1180
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2022.01.29 09:38 one_and_equal The United States is negotiating the deployment of troops in Hungary

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2022.01.29 09:38 NewfiePilot Northern Lights SMP Ep4 - The Mitey Donald

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2022.01.29 09:38 Al-Owaisi UFL Gameplay Reveal Trailer - (The official death of PES?)

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2022.01.29 09:38 kramboll1 I don't even know where the Balkan Peninsula is lmao

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2022.01.29 09:38 PepsiDrunker Hi, I'm new, any idea why is this happening? Ender 3v2

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2022.01.29 09:38 CRB_Director CRB ARCHIVE 3 - encounters with a werewolf

PC James: Detective Rubio come right this way Lucía Rubio: What the hell happened here? Where’s his arm? The body was on the edge of the forest cordoned off by yellow police tape. The man had been ripped in half and was missing his entire right arm. PC James: i think it was an animal attack, like the one up in Camp Whispering Pines, still haven't found that missing dude Lucía Rubio: James I want you to get CSI out here and get some more constables out here because there's a blood trail leading into that forest and we're going to follow it. PC James: wait what? We can't do that. I don't want to get eaten by a bear or something! Lucía Rubio: don't worry James we don't have many bears in England
Rubio and James wandered through the forest noticing the blood trail diminishing. The trail was becoming more and more decrepit and an old log cabin could be seen in the distance. Rubio and James began walking towards the cabin in order to investigate. PC James: you reckon it's a holiday cabin or something? Looks pretty nice for some rotten old pile of logs Lucía Rubio: shut it James, i don't care what it is i just wanna check it and get out of here A voice crackled to life from the radio on James’ belt. Police Officer: PC james? PC James: yep what's up Carl? Police Officer: can you get Detective Rubio and head back here, there's some government guy here who wants to speak with you PC James: copy that, on our way Lucía and James began to walk back to the crime scene, debating who this ‘government guy’ could be and why he's here.
A helicopter could be heard overhead as Lucía and James reached the crime scene, a short slightly overweight police officer greeted them. Police Officer: hey Lucía that guy over there, the one in the nice suit, is the dude who wants to speak with you Lucía Rubio: thanks Carl, mind grabbing me a cuppa tea while you're at it? Police Officer: no problemo boss Lucía wandered over to the man Carl had told her about, he was a well built man, looked to be in his early forties and was stood next to a black SUV, to his left was an armed man wearing black military fatigues with a strange red hexagonal logo printed on the upper right arm, it read “CRB”.
Graham Bannister: good afternoon miss Rubio Lucía Rubio: please, call me Lucía Graham Bannister: well Lucía, my name is Graham Bannister and im a representative of the CRB which is a government organization, i'm here to inform you that we will be taking over this case so you and your officers can go home and investigate some lowly criminals or something more akin to your paygrade Lucía Rubio: What the hell is that supposed to mean? First of all you can’t take over my case, this is official police business and second of all, more akin to my paygrade? You want me to beat the living crap out of you? Upon Lucía’s outburst the armed man unclipped his holster and his hand hovered above the gun as he glared at her sternly. Upon noticing this she headed back to the police cars and told the officers and CSI to head home as they weren’t needed before climbing into a police car with James. PC James: what was all the commotion about? Lucía Rubio: the smug bastard took over our case and then his lackey had the nerve to threaten me with a gun PC James: jesus christ Lucía, you should report him to whatever agency he works for Lucía Rubio: wouldn't that be a treat
Lucía returned home restless, she decided that she was going to search through those woods tomorrow and hopefully James would help her with this. The next day as soon as she had gotten dressed and sorted for the day she was out the door in seconds, when she arrived at the station she ran directly over to James’ desk. Lucía Rubio: James were going back to those woods right now, grab your jacket James, who was eating his usual bowl of corn flakes while looking at the previous night's crime reports, mumbled incoherently in response and stood up from his desk.
PC James: So why the hell are we going back there lucia? Didn't that pompous prick in the fancy suit take over our case? Lucía Rubio: yes James he did, but were still going to investigate it because i have a feeling that he's hiding something from us As Lucía pulled up to a trail leading into the forest, far enough away to not be noticed by the soldiers wearing CRB, insignia James began to remove his seatbelt. They both climbed out of the car and began to head through the forest. Lucía Rubio: how far away do you reckon that cabin we didn't have time to investigate is? PC James: id say around three and a half miles away Lucía Rubio: well we’d better hurry up because i wanna search that cabin as well as further up the trail They continued up the trail for around an hour until they finally arrived at the cabin, it was old, extremely old, one window was smashed and a few planks of wood were either missing or snapped in half on the poarch, the door was unlocked and as Lucía entered the room she realised that it wasn't much nicer inside of this decrepit building. On the floor lay a wooden chair on its side and a table with one leg lying next to it, in the corner was an old filthy rug, the kind you would find in an old couple’s house. Lucía Rubio: there's nothing in here that's particularly interesting PC James: Well then we should continue up the trail shouldn't we?
The daylight was slowly beginning to diminish and James was whining about being tired and wanting to head back to the station so he could have a nice warm cup of tea. Lucía Rubio: James shut up would you we’re not far from that cabin we investigated so we've only got about an hour and fifteen minutes to walk alright? PC James: thank christ for that Immediately a large figure stepped onto the trail about 3 meters form the two officers, it was around 8 feet tall and had a vaguely wolf like appearance, large claws could be seen coming off its appendages and it snarled, a horrible guttural snarl. PC James: What the hell is that thing? Is it some sort of werewolf or something? Immediately the creature leapt towards the officers and it grabbed James by the throat. PC James: Lucía help please! Get this damn thing away from me! The creature squeezed James’ neck and slit his stomach open with its free hand, James screamed a horrible, terrified scream. The beast bit down on James’ head and crushed it between its jaws as Lucía spirited away. As she neared the cabin the howls of the creature could be heard, it was horrific, she decided to lock herself in the cabin. All she could think of was the pleas of help from James, he was only a junior officer and she had taken a particular liking to him so decided to keep him around as much as possible.
A heavy object began to slam against the door and on the second go the door gave way to the viscera covered creature. Lucía Rubio: No please! Get back or i'll… i'll… The creature went to grab Lucía but she picked up the broken table leg from the floor and slammed it directly into the knee of the creature. It wailed in pain but it became more of an angry howl, it grabbed Lucía and threw her against the wall with the strength of a gorilla, it walked towards her and prepared to slash her down the torso as a hail of bullets erupted from outside the cabin. The beast spasmed and fell to the floor lifeless.
Scott: Lucía Rubio? Lucía Rubio: Yes, who are you? Scott: my name is Scott, i work for the CRB and you might know me from a missing persons case you investigated Lucía Rubio: you're the guy from camp whispering pines a year ago? Scott: yes ma’am, now get up we need to get you back to HQ Scott, Lucia and the other soldiers walked back towards the initial crime scene that started this whole mess, when they arrived a small helicopter, a few black SUVs and a dozen soldiers were waiting for them to arrive, standing by one SUV was Graham Bannister. Graham: Ah Scott, welcome back my boy, I see you've brought back my secondary target and I hope the primary target has been dispatched? Scott: Indeed it has sir, now can we get ready to evac Lucia and I? Graham: of course, hop on valkyrie - 1 over there and they’ll get you back to HQ, we’ll clean up any mess you've left because the director wants to meet with you two ASAP
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2022.01.29 09:38 VladdyB0y Can we start a petition to have Michael C Hall narrate the audio books?!

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2022.01.29 09:38 politicly1 Treason Trump's rally in Texas can ignore his fake electors scandal. The Jan. 6 Insurrection Investigation won't.

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2022.01.29 09:38 Repulsive_Risk_1242 Hebi Hebi no Mi: Model: Naga

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2022.01.29 09:38 Acrobatic-Type-9928 Sketchy Pharm Suggestion

Good day/night everyone, Which Sketchy Pharm Vids should be done before exam (20 days remaining) that will have huge impact on step day.
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2022.01.29 09:38 Comfortable-You-6583 AFF continuation

Heya! Last year I got into the AFF course but only managed 3 jumps. I didn't quite like the experience because I was quite tiny last year and weighed just about 38kgs. Hence the equipment felt too heavy on me and the added weight belts made me exhausted, anxious, overwhelmed. I left the course as I didn't enjoy the jumps and felt I could get some strength training done and gain some muscle mass at least, get in better shape. I now weigh 48kgs and my strength training has been going as planned. Feel stronger to carry more weight if needed during jumps.
I did the course in UK and want to get back into the course. I have two options;
1) get back in the sky this summer in the UK 2) get back in the sky next Jan (2023) in the USA
Just thinking about which would be a better option in terms of costs, weather, time to complete, training, license... Any advice/suggestion would be much appreciated! :)
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2022.01.29 09:38 northstardim The Supreme Court’s new death penalty order should make your skin crawl

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2022.01.29 09:38 Mjzzjm654456 Chinese satellite observed grappling and pulling another satellite out of its orbit

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2022.01.29 09:38 ledarkeep Quais traços de personalidade uma pessoa não consegue mudar?

Por exemplo alguém que é corrupto se tornaria honesto um dia? Alguém que é tímido poderia ser extrovertido? Quais traços vocês acham que são imutáveis?
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